Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I Was A Guest On Navigating Netflix To Discuss "The Hunger Games"

I've got to get better at promoting myself.

Back in February, I was a guest on a program called "Navigating Netflix" to discuss "The Hunger Games". It was based on a post I wrote in 2013. Over Memorial Day weekend that year, I read all three books. By the time of the interview, I'd seen three of the movies. I watched the final movie last week.

Navigating Netflix is a production that came out of the Tragedy and Hope community to discuss the themes behind movies relevant to conservatives, libertarians, and now, the alt-right. I actually mentioned "alt-right" in the interview. I didn't realize I was aware of it at that point.

The fourth movie made me glad they took the time to tell the story right. If they'd tried to cram all three books into a two hour movie, it would have sucked.

I'm glad to see, rewatching this, that my email dings weren't too apparent. I'd commented on one of Vox Day's blog posts that day, and was getting a constant stream of emails from other people commenting. Next time, I'll remember to set "Do Not Disturb".

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