Monday, November 07, 2016

Matt Forney: Cuckster's Last Stand

Matt Forney has a new piece up at Right On. Apparently, some cuckservative I've never paid attention to produced a really bad documentary supposedly showing Donald Trump to be a sociopath.

Some choice quotes:

Jonah, we have contempt for your ideas because your ideas suck. You’re losers. In fifty plus years, we’ve watched the Left transform America into a cesspit of multiculturalism and poz, all because you and your ideological forbears couldn’t even hold the line. Similarly, Wilson touts himself as a man with his finger on the pulse of the Right-wing, yet no candidate he’s consulted for has ever won an election. The only thing conservatives have ever actually conserved is their paychecks, and as Howe’s attitude shows, they’re happy to keep playing the Washington Nationals to the Left’s Harlem Globetrotters for all eternity. 

Moreover, The Sociopath is willfully blind to every significant political development of the presidential campaign. Howe blithely repeats mainstream media lies about Trump, such as the bevy of sexual assault allegations against him that have been systematically debunked. Meanwhile, he doesn’t even pay lip service to the exposes on Democratic corruption and cheating coming from WikileaksGuccifer 2.0 or Project Veritas Action. But of course, reporting that the Democrats rigged the primary against Bernie Sanders or that Hillary was paying people to instigate violence at Trump’s rallieswould require Howe to acknowledge Mike Cernovich, Stefan Molyneux, Paul Joseph Watson or the myriad of other alternative media journalists who broke those stories....
William F. Buckley is regarded as the father of modern conservatism, and he treated it the same way that Joe Jackson treated the Jackson family. Buckleyite conservatism is equal parts priggish and impotent, pedantic and ignorant, defined by its adherents’ obsession with being liked by their political enemies. Donald Trump offends cuckservatives because he lives to win, he doesn’t back down, and he’s not concerned with getting gold stars from people who want to see him dead and his movement buried. Trying to please the Left is like making love to a flat-chested woman: she may tell you she loves you, but she’ll just end up resenting you in the morning.

I am indebted to the "alt-right" for the cuckservative label. I've never quite understood why the supposed leaders of the movement take such pleasure in losing, and turn on anybody who tries to offer a reasonable fight against the left. They conserve nothing, except, as Forney says, their paychecks. To hell with them, and I'd love to see them all unemployed after tomorrow.

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