Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Note 5 Will Probably Be My Last Android Phone

At least until they fix their update distribution model.

The Android 6.0 "Marshmallow" update was out when I got my phone in September, and I still don't have it. They already have a 6.01 update out.

Android's update model is outdated and broken. With an iPhone or Windows Phone, I would get my OS updates directly from Apple or Microsoft. Yes, I know, a Nexus gets updates direct from Google, if there's a Nexus you want.

But Android goes through a VERY long process involving Google, the manufacturer, and the telco. It takes forever, and any link in that chain could decide not to support your phone.

Let's say a critical vulnerability is discovered on Android. It could take months for the update to trickle down to you, if your phone is even supported by either the manufacturer or the telco. That's a cybersecurity issue.

I normally criticize customer service, but tonight was good, so I should give credit where it's due. I called AT&T to ask when I would get the update. The call dropped. I tried to dial back, and the rep ACTUALLY called me back. Good work. So while she couldn't tell me what I wanted to hear, the service was OUTSTANDING. 

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