Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I May Have Fixed a Problem on my Pocket PC

My Pocket PC phone has been driving me nuts lately. No, I'm not just trying to justify an iPhone. I keep telling my wife I'm just going to buy one and let her be mad at me for the next six months though. Lately my Pocket PC has been dragging itself to a crawl, and I constantly have to reboot.

It seems that the issue may be in WebIS FlexMail 2007. I've been using FlexMail, and it's predecessor WebIS Mail, for years. I guess the problem is centered around my data connection. Since I enabled it, I was leaving FlexMail running all the time. My phone would vibrate when I get new email. This was very valuable the last week with our previous realtor as I knew when a new email came in and I could respond. It's getting annoying now though, as I have to keep rebooting. The program starts up fine, but opening and closing mail can take forever.

I finally stopped using Flexmail yesterday. I've been running a trial of Opera Mobile, and I keep a tab open to gmail. Sure, I don't get the vibrating notification when new mail comes in, but at least I don't have to reboot my device 20 times a day.

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