Thursday, May 08, 2008

Ugh, Another Microsoft Email for new Office Users

I just finished taking a survey from Microsoft Office. I registered for these things a while ago. Some of them are very useful, but this one really sucked the life out of me and destroyed my hope for the future. Apparently, Microsoft is going to develop (or is considering) using emails to teach newly registered Microsoft Office users about how to use Office. On the surface, this may be useful, IF YOU HAVE NEVER USED AN OFFICE SUITE IN YOUR LIFE AND JUST BOUGHT YOUR FIRST COPY OF OFFICE 2007.

Considering my experience with Microsoft emails, I really don't have any hope and I never want to get on this one. I've mentioned before that I've been using Windows Mobile devices since 2003. I know a lot of tips and tricks, useful software (especially freeware), and I have a good suite of applications I've been using for years. I know how to get what I need out of my Pocket PC. When I upgraded to Windows Vista, and had to switch from Microsoft ActiveSuck to the Windows Mobile Device Center, I was offered the chance to register for an email newsletter to "help you get the most out of Windows Mobile, full of insider tips and tricks" (I'm paraphrasing.) I jumped at the chance, hoping for something useful. Do you know what the first article link in each and every one of those "Insider Windows Mobile" newsletters is? "Reasons to choose Windows Mobile." Seriously, this for people who already bought a Windows Mobile device. I have other subscriptions to Microsoft newsletters, and they are written on the same level. The Windows Insider newsletter covers such expert-level topics as "How to change your screensaver."

Imagine this: you buy a copy of Office 2007 (or 2008 for Mac.) During your installation, you're asked to provide your email address to get "exclusive access to insider tips for getting the most out of Microsoft Office." You subscribe, hoping to unlock some expert level features. What do you get? "Thank you for choosing Microsoft Office. In this edition of 'Office Exclusive Advanced Expert Insider Power Tips, we cover 'The Top Reasons to Choose Microsoft Office.' ' "

Now do you see why that survey makes me weep for the future?

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