Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Arlen Specter is a Demonican: Who Cares?

This isn’t a political blog. It’s not because I’m not interested in politics, but because I’m not interested FIGHTING about politics. When you step outside of a two-party system be selecting some option other than “C”, you tend to be at odds with everyone.

So Arlen Specter is going to run as a Demoncrat. It’s taking up a lot of headlines. I was having lunch with a program manager yesterday when that news came up. I kept my mouth shut as tight as possible, other than saying ‘Well, he’s always tended to vote with them anyway.” That’s as non-confrontational as you can get.

I think Vox Day nails it: He came out of the closet.Although, I’m not sure that’s quite as accurate. Seriously, no matter which of the two mainstream parties is in office, does anything  but the rhetoric change? Replublicrats had both the White House, the Congress, and even the Supreme Court for several years, but didn’t do anything with them than expand government.

Anyway, Arlen Specter is going to be a Demonican in 2010. It’s not likely to change anything, other than to give news and political pundits a way to sell advertising for a few weeks.

This is why I rarely do politics on my blog. I don’t care about the party lines.

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