Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Microsoft Can't Even Code a Web Page, Anybody Trust Office 2010?

I found out about an interesting new program by Microsoft. Apparently, they'll send you a loaner laptop with Office 2010 installed. You use the laptop, report on it, and they use you in their media and advertising. I thought it would be an interesting idea, and maybe just once they could get some real feedback about their office suite.

I spent the time filling out the form, including answering the questions as to why I want to participate and why I should be included. I submitted the survey, and guess what I got?

 Office 2010

What does this mean? "Your response cannot be recorded because the survey has been changed by another user?" To me, it means that Microsoft can't code a web page.

I'm seriously ready to get a Mac. The only thing standing between me and a MacBook is the money. I'm getting tired of going with the lowest common denominator just because the price is lower.  I think the iPhone is like a gateway drug. I sit there getting frustrated at my Windows PCs, then I look at my iPhone and wonder "What if the whole computer was like this?"

The biggest reason I still use Microsoft office is because I was a heavy Outlook user, but since I stopped using Windows Mobile, I've mostly been using Gmail's web client. I hardly use Outlook at all anymore. Maybe it's time to look at OpenOffice again.

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