Friday, June 26, 2009

They Grow Up So Fast

Ikea had a country kitchen bench that my wife wanted. It was always out of stock, but two weeks ago we found it and I bought it for her. We then found out that it won't push under our table and therefore it's too big for our kitchen. I have to take it back to Ikea.

I decided to try to load it in the car by myself. As I started dragging it out to my minivan, Joshua grabbed one end and picked it up. Caleb, who loves to help, grabbed the middle. They actually helped me carry it out to the car. I had to get a picture.

Seems like just yesterday I was handed a screaming bundle of blankets that needed a diaper change. Suddenly, we're creeping up on 4th and 5th birthdays and they're helping me carry furniture. Time sure flies. I'm proud of my boys. They Grow Up So Fast

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