Monday, July 06, 2009

Favorite Books: The Bermuda Triangle Mystery: Solved

I posted this on Shelfari. I figured I should repost it here, as I do review books on this blog:

I read this book in the 8th grade. I had to do a research report, and for some reason decided to do the Bermuda Triangle. I went to the school library, and started to check out the usual assortment of mystical books that repeat the old tales and speculate as to UFOs, demon magic, freak storms, and all manner of unverifiable events. Then I found a book called "The Bermuda Triangle Mystery: Solved". I figured that was very self-assured, but as I read the jacket and started reading the book, I found that this author was willing to do what no other author (at least, that I checked out) had done: ORIGINAL, FACT-BASED RESEARCH. He researched the news and weather reports, the insurance records, and whatever eyewitness and survivor accounts that he could find. He was able to either completely solve most Bermuda Triangle mysteries, or provide a highly plausible explanation that didn't require UFOs or mystical activity.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not denying that events occur in this world for which there are no natural explanations. Some things do happen that appear to be supernatural. But when a naturalistic explanation is available, there's no need to go for the mystical. I watch Ghost Hunters and I enjoy reading ghost stories and Weird NJ Magazine. Larry Kusche was able to verify plenty of Bermuda Triangle events with naturalistic explanations.

As a reader/egghead/amateur intellectual, this remains one of my favorite books.

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