Friday, September 11, 2009

I Should Not Have Upgraded to iPhone 3.1

In this post, I'm not going to complain about the iPhone. I still enjoy my iPhone and have no desire to jump platform. One of my heaviest uses for my iPhone is listening to podcasts. The functionality that I've gotten used to somehow broke in iTunes 9/iPhone 3.1.

I download several podcasts. I probably listen to too many. On some, I've barely caught up to the end of May. I keep 2 smart playlists for my podcasts. One I cal Daily, which automatically adds the podcasts that I listen to on a daily basis. The other I only call Podcast, and it includes every file in my library with the genre of podcast. I don't sync every podcast to my iPhone because it's only 16 GB and doesn't have room.

Here's where my problem comes in. One of the podcasts I listen to daily has a huge backlog. I added it to my Daily playlist, but I can't separate the current file from the backlog files, so all of them show up. I sync the current file as well as about a week of the oldest, and until now that hasn't been a problem. Now with iPhone 3.1, for some reason my podcast playlists don't sort on the iPhone in any logical order. Now my daily is jumbled with the older files of the one podcast scattered through the playlist in no logical order. My podcast playlist is just as jumbled, which makes it useless to me. Some of the podcasts in my backlog are series and I want to listen to them in order. My playlists show up in the correct order in iTunes, but not on my iPhone.

I've tried a few workarounds. I tried to create a manual playlist, but no matter what I try it won't sync to the iPhone. I tried to restore my iPhone to 3.0.1, but apparently that's not possible.
The only thing I've found so far is to create an on-the-go playlist on the iPhone with the podcasts I the order that I want to listen to them each time I sync.

Has anybody else had the same problem?Do you have a better work around?

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