Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tim Challies To Run Sponsored Posts

Christian blogger Tim Challies announced today that he’ll be changing his advertising strategy to allow sponsored posts. I hope it works out.

To be honest, I wish I got enough traffic to have somebody PAY me to be able to write a post a week on my blog advertising a product of interest to my readers. I can’t image the infrastructure costs Tim must incur blogging for the amount of readers he must have.

While blogging can be free, it’s often not cheap. I’ve used Blogger, free Wordpress, and MSN Spaces. Each one had limitations and annoyances. I finally broke down and started paying TypePad $85 a year. That’s right, I’m paying money for a blog that people don’t read.

I’ve tried different strategies over the years. Since reading Penelope Trunk’s post recently, I’ve decided to try to write one post per day. If I can do more than that, I will. But I’ll try to do one post, even if it’s just a link to something that interested me with some brief commentary.

I think using Twitter has changed the way I blog. Twitter has given me an outlet for some brief rants or quick “what I’m doing” that would have shown up as short blog posts, or as drafts that ended up going nowhere. I was looking through my drafts earlier today, and I have plenty of them.

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