Saturday, October 10, 2009

iPhone Podcast Playlist Issue Update

OK, I followed Apple's instructions. I uninstalled iTunes, Quicktime, etc. Then I rebooted. Then I went to reinstall iTunes. Then iTunes generated an error and wouldn't install.

I called Apple back. Guess what? Windows 7 is not supported yet.

I calmly asked the support specialist if there was a good reason why. I remember when Windows Vista first came out, Apple made a big deal out of how they didn't yet support it. I think Vista was out for about 6 months before iTunes supported it. I think that's ridiculous. It's not like Microsoft develops Windows in a vacuum. The last two versions of Windows were heavily tested in open beta. Microsoft does every thing it can to make sure that it's easy to develop applications for Windows.

How stupid do you think Apple would look if they'd released Snow Leopard and said "Oh, yeah, we don't support iTunes on Snow Leopard yet. They'd look like idiots. Seeing how more of Apple's iPod and iPhone customers run Windows, why can't we expect support when a new version comes out?

UPDATE: I am seriously pissed off at Apple right now. I've spent more than 2 hours working on the problem this Saturday morning. I followed Apple's instructions and uninstalled iTunes from my netbook. I copied my library over to my desktop, but my podcasts weren't showing up. It was driving me totally nuts. I can't get iTunes to reintsall. I played around with the compatibility settings, and I was able to get the installer to run in compatibility mode for Vista SP2. However, for whatever reason, even though the intsaller is called "iTunes + Quicktime", Quicktime won't install at all. When I try to run iTunes, I get the message that "Quicktime is not installed on this computer". It doesn't matter how many times I try to reinstall "iTunes + Quicktime", Quicktime will not take.

After two hours of screwing around on my desktop, I finally figured out how to get my podcasts back into my library: File -> Add folder. That's a first. In all the years I've been using iTunes as a podcatcher, it always autodetects them. Maybe iTunes 9 really is a total piece of crap.

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