Thursday, October 08, 2009

Somebody Ought To Call Apple About That…

I wrote a few times about the iPhone podcast playlist syncing issue. I went back to The iPhone Blog this morning to see if any new comments shed some light on the problem or on fixes for it.

I saw a few comments about how people should tell Apple about this problem.

Well, I did.

Apparently, Apple did know about this issue, but I’m apparently the first person to actually call them about it.

I spent some time on hold while the representative who worked with me first spoke to her supervisor, then to the product department. The answer I got back was to uninstall iTunes, and the other Apple programs along with it (Quicktime, Apple Software Update, etc). Then reinstall and sync the iPhone. That should correct the issue. If it doesn’t, I just call back with my case number and we can pick up where we left off.

More to come. I’ll do the uninstall and reinstall by tomorrow night or Saturday morning, and I’ll post back about how it went.

Everything I’ve heard about Apple support is true. She was very helpful.

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