Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kindle For PC Is Here! And More Good News

Amazon’s Kindle for PC was released today. Maybe it was last night. I’ve already installed it. I’ve had Kindle on my iPhone since I first leaned about it. I’ve only bought one book to date, but now that I can make notes and highlight, I’ll probably buy more. I like to read, and being able to carry my books with me is a great thing.

The post on Amazon’s blog also includes this at the end:

Stay tuned, as more apps are on the way, including Kindle for Mac, and Kindle for Blackberry.

Sweet, Kindle for BlackBerry. Between my iPhone and BlackBerry, and now my computers, the only excuse I’ll have left for not reading will be “because I don’t want to”.

If anyone from Amazon is reading this, can I have an @kindle.com email address without buying the physical Kindle? If I could get some pdf files into the system, that would be great.

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