Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Sorry For Acting Like A Jerk, I Had A Bad Day

Have you ever totally blown up with somebody for no good reason? Or have you ever had somebody blow up at you? Then, when (or if) an apology was offered, it was something like "I had a bad day". It's understandable. We all have bad days.

Today was my anniversary. 9 years! Wow. Our babysitting fell through. We ended up taking the kids out to dinner with us. Dinner sucked. We went to Charlie Brown's Steakhouse in Blackwood, NJ. We've enjoyed it numerous times in the past. Apparently, since the last time we were there, they reduced their menu options and raised their prices. I suspect quality may have been lowered as well.

Christina's dinner had something wrong with it. She had to send it back. Mine was so-so. Definitely not worth $14 at whatever inflation level my brain is stuck at. The kids wouldn't behave. Then we had to take them to karate, then to church for AWANA. Now it's late.

As I've gotten older, I came to realize that bad days never get better. I used to live in some mythical belief that once I hit the next milestone, the stress will go away and things will calm down. "Once the baby is sleeping through the night". "Once I finish my degree". "Once we get this bill paid off". Then I'll have time for whatever. Then I won't be stressed out and irritable all the time.

I think I'm finally getting the message that the stress and bad days just won't go away. They only get worse, and come more frequently. And they're no excuse for acting like an asshole. Pardon the language, but I wanted to make a point, if only for myself.

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