Friday, March 12, 2010

What Exacly Is A Clear Vision?

UPDATE 15 MAR 19: I originally wrote this post on my iPhone. I'm sorry that it quadruple posted, and that it took me several days to discover and fix it. I had trouble with TypePad's iPhone client. I thought it was timing out. I tried to post, and the client crashed. Then I brought it back up, tried to post again, and the client crashed again. Then I tried to post with the mobile client in Safari. The same post went up 3 times, and was poorly formatted.

I got the idea for this post from a tweet by Dan Miller:

If you
don't have a clear vision - strategy, tactics and hard work will just
leave you exhausted and depleted.

If you haven't noticed, I'm currently in a position where comments like that create a different reaction in me. "That's nice, Dan. You got your success." Having come off the greatest failure of my career and being reduced to working for a micromanager, it discourages me.

It makes me wonder, just what the heck is a clear vision? I have visions. I have goals. I was writing my goals down every day. I have tons of MindManager and Freemind mindmaps about my visions, goals, roles, and horizons of focus. I read all the popular success literature. I listen to Dave Ramsey and David Allen and Stephen Covey and Tim Ferriss and Ramit Sethi and Michael Hyatt and many others. Where the heck is my success?

I hope someday I can write a book or host a TV show about how great it is to have a vision. Then mid career failures can tell me how easy it is to say it.
But really, is my vision just unclear? Have I not defined my goals clearly enough? What's the problem? Why am I stuck in a cubicle next to the coffee pot working for a micromanager and wondering if I wasted my time and money getting a degree?

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