Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lifehacker: Do You Snooze?

Lifehacker has a survey posted with a blog entry yesterday. It asks the question: Do you Snooze?

Well, do you? Do you hit the snooze button?

I used to. I can remember in high school, I’d set highly ambitious goals to get out of bed early. Then I’d hit snooze every 9 minutes for the next hour.

That was 18+ years ago. I’ve since learned that no matter how tired I am when my alarm goes off, I’m better off just waking up and getting moving. I will be far worse off if I hit snooze.

I’ve gotten to the point where I’m so used to swiping my finger across my iPhone screen to turn the alarm off. By the time I think to hit snooze, it’s too late. I’d have to enter my passcode, open alarms, and reset the alarm for later. Then I’d have to set it back again later.

68% of respondents in Lifehacker’s poll admitted to hitting snooze every morning. Are you one of them?

I’m not.

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