Monday, May 24, 2010

Vampires In Contemporary Culture

Back in February, I wrote a post asking what the deal is with the current cultural obsession with vampires. Since them, I've seen elements of Twilight pop up in some interesting places. Oh, come on, where else could this come from?

First up, we have "teen wolves" running around a San Antonio high school. I'm sure they're in others, but I have a link to a story about them in San Antonio. This is in the school district I graduated from. It's apparently harmless. Just a wolf pack that doesn't consider it a gang. I'm sure it will eventually evolve some rituals or initiation and cause trouble for the community, if the culture doesn't come up with something else for teens to obsess over first. I hope they don't have to shave their chests and oil up to join the wolf pack.

Next up, from TruTV, some 21 year old, drunk and dirty and caught trying to break into a drug store at 3 AM. So what's the big deal? I've seen enough "World's Dumbest" to know there's nothing special about that. But this drunk 21 year old claimed to be a 100 year old, immortal vampire. He threatened to kill one officer and his family. He wanted to eat the kidney of a female officer.
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