Friday, October 01, 2010

Newsflash: Windows Live Spaces To Become Useful

This is an interesting development. Windows Live Spaces will migrate to Wordpress. That should make it useful.

I’ve tried several blogging services. I had a hosted TypePad blog for 2 years, and I was generally happy with it. But when it came time to renew and money was tight, I migrated to a free hosted Wordpress blog. I’d actually had the blog for several years, but never did anything with it.

I like Wordpress. It’s simple and elegant, yet powerful. When it comes time to have my own site, I might change to a self-hosted Wordpress blog.

I didn’t mind Windows Live Spaces, but it had little power. Also, no import/export functionality. I briefly considered moving my TypePad blog to Spaces, but I wasn’t about to copy and paste over 800 blog posts, and lose the comments. Everything migrated to Wordpress without a hitch.

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