Saturday, January 08, 2011

University of Phoenix Students Can Use iPad

I read a post on Lifehacker about software discounts available for those with .edu email addresses. I thought "You know, I still have an email account with the University of Phoenix". I decided to log in.

I've logged in before for various reasons. I occasionally use their databases to do research or read something in the Wall Street Journal (or other paid publications) for free. I've gone into the eBook library a few times to grow my knowledge. But I don't log in much. So today, I thought to check.

I noticed the image on the left. That's a definite plus. While I was a student, I struggled with an 8MB IMAP email/newsgroup account centered on Outlook Express. I never liked Outlook Express, but in 2 years of struggling, I couldn't find an alternative that didn't suck less. Just in time for my final class, UOP rolled out a new online classroom and after I graduated, all students got gmail accounts.

 I've written several posts between 2005 and 2007 while I was in the BSIT program. Most were rants about UOP. I've been told this blog is actually considered an authority on UOP topics. Perhaps someday (like when I pay my Bachelor's degree off), I'll go back for a Masters.
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