Friday, December 30, 2011

Watching Older Movies (Toy Soldiers, 1991)

This week, I read Wil Wheaton's book "Just A Geek". It mentioned the movie "Toy Soldiers". I remembered liking the movie, so I decided to watch it again. What a blast from the past!

I was probably a junior in high school when the movie came out (1991, according to IMDB). I could have started my senior year. I have no idea which month of that year I saw it in.

It sure brought back a lot of memories. I can't say Wil Wheaton was entirely convincing watching this movie 20 years later as the son of the "New Jersey Mob Boss". I've lived in New Jersey for 12 years by this point, and been co-located between NJ and Virginia for 1. But when I first saw the movie, he was still Wesley Crusher to me, and New Jersey was something Jewish and Italian comedians joked about but my brief trip through there at 1 month old was not in my memory.

Sean Astin was in the movie. I certainly have never met the man personally, but he's been in movies for most of my life, if not my entire life. Some actors seem like total douchebags. Sean Astin has always seemed like somebody I could enjoy hanging out with. He seems like a decent guy; down to earth. I have little to base that on, besides him playing some of my favorite movie characters, including Sam Gamgee from Lord of the Rings and Mikey in The Goonies. In any case, some actors seem like they think they're better than me; but I've always imagined Sean Astin as somebody I could have a beer with and like. I've never seen anything to contradict that.

I caught a could of brief glimpses of Jerry Orbach (Lenny from Law and Order). IMDB says he played Wil Wheaton's charater's father. I guess he was the head of the NJ Mob. Jerry Orbach has passed on a few years ago, but it was refreshing to see him again.

Also, R. Lee Ermey appeared way too young in this movie, even if it was years after Full Metal Jacket.

It's definitely weird to watch movies from decades ago, considering the actors who have matured and passed on since it was filmed.

Of course, being 20 years old, I'd love to see Hollywood do this movie again in an age when everybody has a cell phone. 20 years ago, cutting the phone lines to the campus would have cut it. But what of the students who all had droids and iPhones, and the faculty who probably have school issued BlackBerries and personal droids and iPhones today?

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