Monday, January 09, 2012

Like the "Paranormal"? Here Are A Few Good Resources

Several years ago, I started watching Ghost Hunters. Part of it is because of a blog post I read on a theology blog I follow, combined with a study of Joe Beam's "Seeing the Unseen" the church I was going to at the time was doing.

I watched Ghost Hunters for a few years. I also got into watching Destination Truth. I finally burned out on Ghost Hunters this past year and stopped watching. I tried watching a few other shows, like Ghost Adventures, but I couldn't get into it. Fact or Faked Paranormal Files is fairly interesting.

Along the way, I was trying to get a feel for "the paranormal field". Like many other interests I've had over the years, I listened to some podcasts. I started with TAPS Family Radio. I've tried several others, including Live Paranormal.

I stopped listening to both of them.

I've mostly lost more than a surface interest in the paranormal. It was fun for a while. But there are still a few podcasts and resources I'll stick with for now.


Nightwatch is always fun. Todd Sheets keeps it interesting. His interest is in old horror movies. He has on classic horror movie actors, but has a lot of interesting guests. I always enjoy anticipating who he'll have on next. Sometimes it's kooky stuff like the Akashic Records. Other times he'll have on John Zaffis.  It's always interesting

Strange Frequencies Radio

This is one I'll stick with the longest, I'll bet. It's basically skeptics on the paranormal. Bobby Nelson and Jason Korbus have been paranormal enthusiasts and even "ghost hunters". They've become skeptical of the field. But they still have a lot of interesting guests. I was sort of shocked to find Dr. Hugh Ross on one of their shows. I heard they tried to get people like William Lane Craig on.

They also have a friend of theirs on the show often, Sani Ceto, who claims to be a reincarnated Roswell alien.

Even if you don't believe a word anybody in the paranormal or supernatural fields say, SFR will not fail to deliver interesting and amusing content.

I enjoy it enough to forgive them for not providing an RSS feed for podcasts. I have to manually download each episode, import into iTunes, and then manually edit it into my podcast folder. That would seriously annoy me in most other cases. I wish they'd deliver an RSS feed, but I like the show enough to do the work.

James Randi Challenge

I would love to see this won. James Randi is a magician and skeptic. He is offering one million dollars to anybody who can demonstrate supernatural or paranormal capabilities. The test is simple. What can you do? Under what conditions can you do it? Then demonstrate it. You design the test.

Nobody has won. James Randi used to walk around with a $10,000 check in his pocket, just waiting to award it to somebody who can demonstrate supernatural power. No takers. Later, I assume other investors came in, and the prize is one million dollars.

I used to listen to a few Christian charismatic podcasts, but I got tired of listening to claims of people who say they can go to 3rd world countries and heal hundreds of people.

Yes, I believe it can happen.

Yes, I believe it has happened.

But I'm uncertain of people who make claims to have done it. Especially people who claim to have books telling you how to do it "Yours free for a gift of $35". (Blog post on that subject in the works).


As of 01/09/12, it looks like SciFake was hacked, or Ron Tebo flipped out for good. Not sure which one. Hopefully, but the time you click this link, it'll be back to normal. But as I went to the site to get the link for this post, it's pretty much nonsense.


So that's it. Those are the paranormal sites I like.

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