Monday, February 06, 2012

I Love Being Right: Haliburton Ditching RIM for iOS

I don't remember if I bothered to publish this thought, but I predicted a while ago that RIM is going to die the day large corporations and the federal government switch from BlackBerry to another mobile platform. Haliburton is apparently ditching the platform

I've had several BlackBerries issued by work. I won't buy one for personal use. On a previous job, I had a BlackBerry 7130, and a Curve. The only real difference between the two is the Curve had a full keyboard. The keyboard on the 7130 drove me nuts, since keys were shared between letters and "predictive text" wrongly predicted which word you meant to write, forcing you to spend twice the time correcting 75% of the words you type.

On my current job, I was originally issued a Bold. I now have a Tour. Even though the Tour has a new operating system (6.0), there is no noticable difference from the 7130 I had in 2008 with OS 4.2. 

The only reason RIM has done a decent business for so long is because it bent over backwards for every request the government and large corporations asked of it. The even make smart card readers for BlackBerries allowing government users to sign and encrypt emails from their BlackBerries.
Once the government finds a way to use iOS for mobile needs, I predict the demise of RIM. 
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