Thursday, July 19, 2012

Preparation (It's Not Technology's Fault)

It drives me nuts when I go to a meeting or presentation, the presenter shows up late, can't get his laptop to work with the projector, then chuckles some nonsense about "Technology never works, heh, heh, heh..." and goes on without it. That's probably better off, because lazy people like that tend to produce crappy Power Point presentations anyway.

I have a recurring meeting on Monday morning. We reserved a conference room with a computer and smart board. The Smart Board is fun. We can draw on it. It'll even save the drawings back to the file we have up.

Since my job is IT, and I consider myself a professional, I don't show up late and unprepared and complain about how slow the network is and "sorry I can't get the presentation computer logged in; technology, heh, heh, heh..."

I show up a good 15 minutes early. That gives me plenty of time to get logged into the presentation computer, make sure the output is going to the Smart Board, call up any files or SharePoint sites needed, and if necessary run back downstairs to upload files I didn't realize I would need. My meetings start on time because I am prepared and organized, and I take responsibility for the technology.

Really, the biggest difference between a smooth meeting and an embarrassing meeting can be as simple as showing up 15 minutes early.
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