Saturday, August 25, 2012

Selective Laziness

It amazes me how quickly my mind can forget capabilities I take for granted. I just had one of these things happen a few moments ago.

Tomorrow is a good friend's birthday. The party is tonight. I don't have a card or gift yet.

I've made a bad habit of showing up at parties with just my smiling face and brilliant personality. I have an excuse. I'm a geographic bachelor. Most of my money goes to having to live in two places and drive back and forth. But that's a poor excuse. I've known people in worse circumstances who still manage to be generous with qualities other than their time.

So I started arguing with myself. At least, when this happens, one side manages to win. The other side usually acknowledges that side is right, then does nothing.

"You have to get a gift"

"I don't have the money"

"It doesn't have to be expensive"


"You have to get a card too"

"I don't know where to get one. I'm not paying grocery store prices"

"Dumbass, you have Google Maps. Just type in card place or some search term"

"Oh, yeah. Doh."

It goes to show you have we have no excuse to not have information in this day and age.
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