Saturday, February 16, 2013


I took the Virginia Motorcycle class two years ago. At the time, I was thinking about getting a motorcycle to save gas on the 2003 Kia Sedona minivan I was driving. That car had a powerful engine and was comfortable, but the gas mileage sucked. Even if I babied the heck out of it, the best I could hope for was 18 MPG. I think I got 22 driving back from Buffalo, NY the last time I saw my grandmother. But a lot of that was downhill.

So far, the only motorcycle I have ever driven was the Honda Nighthawk 250cc I rode in the class. I was hooked though.

I get a lot of conflicting advice on motorcycles. Some people say you should always get a used bike for your first one, because you'll always lay it down. Other say get brand new because its yours. Some say get a slightly smaller engine (like 600-750). Other say you'll outgrow it right away and you should just get a 1200-1600.

Then others say just go ahead and get a 250. They're inexpensive, get great mileage, and nobody will know it's a 250 unless YOU TELL THEM.

But then the Sedona ended up needing more than $2000 worth of work, including a problem with the air conditioner that I'd already put $600 into and they still couldn't figure it out. With a very hot summer coming up and driving back and forth from Virginia to New Jersey every 2 weeks, I panicked and bought the cheapest thing I could find: a Kia Soul. There went the money I was going to use for a motorcycle.

I'm still planning to get a motorcycle someday. I still haven't decided on new/used or 250/600/1200. I love the way the Ninja 250 looks. I've talked to people who use them as "daily drivers", and claim it does really well.
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