Friday, February 15, 2013

Roosh: What Is Your Campaign?

Roosh asks what campaign are you on? What large project/improvement are you willing to put aside 2-4 months of mundane routine to take on like a man?

Lets face it: ruts are boring. That why they're called ruts. Your wheels get caught in them and they carry you along with little effort to steer or think about where you're going.

Roosh advocates a man's life to be a series of campaigns, much like in the ancient world where he says a man would plant a field, go to war, then come back and harvest it.

Take two months of pushing the mundane aside and do something great. Learn a new language. Master a new skill. Take a road-trip for a microbrewery tour. That s what you'll remember later. You won't remember coming home from work to check Facebook or watch Big Bang Theory (the only show that makes your eyeballs want to gouge themselves out...)
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