Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Toilet Safety Administration Lives!

I think of Mark Dice as sort of an old testament prophet. Always doing kooky stuff to try to make a point. Lately, he's been walking around San Diego dressed as a city worker pulling pranks and making points. In a recent video, he walked into restaurants and convenience stores, placing fake (foam?) surveillance cameras and "If you see something, say something" posters. Nobody questioned him, even though he apparently had a friend with a camera following him around:

I have to wonder how many people went into those bathrooms before somebody FINALLY asked a proprietor "Why is there a camera, a pro-police state poster, and a Big Brother picture in there?" Hell, how many employees didn't bother to ask?

I have two of Mark's books, although I haven't read them yet. I'll post reviews when I do, but they'll probably be on my conspiracy and esoteric blog, since they're a better fit over there.
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