Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Taking Leave To Work

I remember when my children were little, I would make semi-facetious comments like "I can't wait for Monday, when I can get back to work and relax a little". Like many of you, I am a knowledge worker. I get paid to work with my mind, and to type stuff and send emails and comments and stuff like that.

Since I got a Fitbit for Father's Day last year, I can see how if I didn't get up to walk around, I would move about 2 miles during work, most of that just getting in the building and getting water for coffee, head calls, and such, then back out to get a ride home.

So usually, when I have to use my vacation (leave), it's physically more exhausting than just staying at work.

I have to take the rest of this week to go back to New Jersey and get my yard ready for spring.

I'm loading up content on my iPhone to listen to while I work in the yard. Since Aaron Clarey doesn't have an RSS feed for his podcast, I downloaded his episodes and am manually importing them into Downcast.

This year, I have a very unique problem I've never dealt with before: use or lose. I've reached the maximum leave carry-over, so I have to burn about 3 weeks or I'll lose it. And they don't want you to lose it.

Of course, I have another unique problem called Sequestration, in which I'll lose a day a week of work and 20% of my pay for 6 months. I'm not complaining about the day, but the paycheck is going to hurt. You can help by buying the great books I recommend (or even the ones I don't) from my affiliate link. I have over 100 blog posts under my "book" label, so I'm sure there's something you'll love.
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