Tuesday, April 09, 2013

25 Things You Should Be Doing- The Economic Collapse Blog

There's a great post on The Economic Collapse Blog about things you should be doing to prepare for, what else, the economic collapse. I've been studying this for a few years, and I believe it is going to come. I don't know when. Four, five years? This year? Maybe.

In the meantime, if you do prepare, you're called a "Prepper", because that's what passes for intellectual discourse in 21st century America. We can boil down and dismiss an entire philosophy with a single, silly word. "I'm not going to pay attention to you because you're a prepper".

I even know people who are "prepping", who keep railing about "those nutjob preppers". There's some kind of cognitive dissonance between their actions and the actions of everybody else doing the same thing. "These nutjobs are burying guns in their yard!" "Dude, you buried a gun in your yard." "Yeah, that's different! I'm not a nutjob!"

Of all the tips, if you do choose to prep, you should be following this one:
#25 Keep Your Prepping To Yourself
Do not go around and tell everyone in the area where you live about your prepping. If you do, then you may find yourself overwhelmed with "visitors" when everything falls apart.
And please do not go on television and brag about your prepping to a national audience.
Prepping is something that you want to keep to yourself, unless you want hordes of desperate people banging on your door in the future.
Inevitably, some poor starving idiot who scoffed at you is going to show up at your door begging. He'll probably tell other people "Hey, that guy prepped! Lets go to him!"

In which case, you would be in the right to say "Screw you. I saw it coming, and I did the work to preserve myself and my family while you watched Real Housewives and scoffed at people like me, calling us nutjobs. Find your own food."

Although by that point, you should probably be up in the mountains or something, away from the hordes of people who listened to entertainers passing themselves off as news casters.

I heard something the other day (not sure where) that goes:

In prosperity, your friends find you.
In adversity, you find your friends.
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