Sunday, April 28, 2013

America's Diploma Addication

Yeah, this is meant to be humorous, but like all satire, it's rooted in reality.

I'm pretty sure the education bubble is going to pop soon. I don't believe it's sustainable.

Like any product, you can put a price tag on education. That whole "You can't put a price tag on education" is a marketing slogan, like Nike's "Just do it!" When it comes to any marketing slogan, you need to take your needs into account. Forget theirs. Don't fall for an emotionally charged slogan.

I went about $25,000 into debt in student loans on my degree in Information Technology. I gasp when I read about people going $50,000 to $90,000 in debt in student loans for education, social work, and philosophy degrees. Business Administration (bachelors, not the Master's level MBA).

Stop falling for it. Your parents and teachers probably don't know what they're talking about. Like most other things that come out of their mouths, they're just parroting what they hear around them because it sounds smart. Chances are, they haven't even given any thought to the words they're repeating. They hear it from their friends, they heard it from their teachers, they hear it from the talking heads on TV... Yes, they love you (probably) yes, they (probably) want the best for you, but no, they don't know what they're talking about. But their approach to advising you on your future borders on a cargo cult mentality.

Don't get a worthless degree. Get knowledge and experience that will help you succeed in life. Talk to people who have actually succeeded in the fields you're interested in.

Thanks to Captain Capitalism for pointing this out.
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