Saturday, April 13, 2013

One Of Many Reasons I Pay No Attention To The Media

A writer at Return of Kings mentions and analyzes an issue I thought I heard something about, but never really caught my attention. Then in their distinctive way, go on to analyze why the current President is the most "pussy whipped" in history.

So the President called an attorney general attractive. So? M'kay?

But the media blows up. Both "sides" (no, there are not two sides to the media. There are multiple sides. I tend to ignore what we consider the left and right wings.)

And of course, while they're so busy blasting him for complimenting a lady (remember when that used to be a good thing? No?), they're not reporting on the out of control federal debt and spending he continued and escalated after the last guy got it started. Nope, not one word. Also, where did the antiwar Demoncrats go? Remember all those peace rallies when Bush was President? We're still in Iraq and Afghanistan  Why did the Demoncrats quit being antiwar once "their" guy was in office?

And that's why I ignore them. They don't really "report" on any issues. They just do what they have to do to keep your eyes glued to the TV, support the causes they believe in, and sell advertising. They ignore anything that doesn't meet those goals.

That's why I support independently produced media with a libertarian bent.I'm just not interested in MSNBCBSBCNNFOXCNBCWHATEVEROTHERSTHEREMAYBEICANTKEEPTRACKANYWAY.
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