Saturday, April 06, 2013

Roosh- Two Ways To Pursue Happiness

Roosh has an interesting post up at Return of Kings. He's been writing a lot lately about happiness.

Before you click that link, I have to leave a language/content warning. If that bothers you, just stick with my synopsis.

Roosh says the two ways to happiness are:

  1. Change yourself
  2. Change the world

Changing the world is often harder, and of course assumes that your preferences are reflected by everybody else. The world has been changed for the worse by small groups of people who managed to lead others down a path that, had they spent the necessary time in introspection, they never would have followed.

You know you’re dealing with an ideology when happiness for someone else means YOU need to change. When YOU need to man up or when YOU need to start doing behaviors that serve others. If your approach to happiness is trying to changes the masses, then the bad news is you can change everyone in the world and you still won’t be happy. Work on changing yourself instead.

Emphasis mine. Of course, the conclusion Roosh comes to is to change yourself. Leave the rest of us alone. 
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