Sunday, June 23, 2013

Feminine Wiles

I tried to find a video clip that would make my point, but I gave up.

There's an episode of Firefly where Capt Reynolds (Nathan Fillion) is invited into the shuttle of Inara (Morena Bacharin). She pours him tea, and begins some pleasant conversation.

Nathan Fillion's character stands up and says "Wait a minute! You're using your feminine wiles!"

The point to the plot was, the ship had been out on the fringe for too long, and she needed to get back to civilization to find clients. She was a "registered companion", or a high class call girl apparently.

Something strange occurred to me when I saw that clip. When was the last time I saw a woman with "feminine wiles"? My ex wife surely didn't have them. When she asked me for a favor, she did it from a position of being pissed off.

I'm kind of glad I haven't seen a girl with "feminine wiles" in a long time. When they know how to use them, they can be destructive. I doubt I could resist.

I'm wondering if guys like Roosh are right, that women in the west are mostly a lost cause?
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