Saturday, July 20, 2013

Quick Book Review: Afraid, By Jack Kilborn

I got this as a Kindle freebie when I was reading J.A. Konrath's blog. I since unsubscribed, since it got to being little more than guest posts.

This is a quick book review. If I could sum this book up in a simple paragraph, it would be:

Blood and gore taken to a comical level. Can't flip more than a page without hearing about a body in its death spasms. Characters are introduced just long enough to be stabbed by the killer, or by the killer forcing somebody they love to kill them. By 10% into the book, I wondered how the town had any people left to die or be killed. I think it's supposed to be horror, but there are people being killed so often, to me it comes off as comedy.

It'll never go down as a classic of literary fiction, but if you can catch it on a freebie, it'll give you some amusement. If you like this kind of thing.

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