Friday, July 12, 2013

The "One Size Fits All" American Dream

For those of us in "America", we've spent our lives hearing about the so called "American Dream". It's coated up in pretty words like "freedom" and "liberty", but then starts to devolve into things like "own a house" or "have a college degree".

Then things like marriage, family, expensive vacations, large TVs, and expensive cable packages got added to it. Also, public schools, and an expansive, intrusive, and expensive social safety net.

And having to send our children to college.

When did our "American Dream" get wrapped up in debt slavery?

Now the "American Dream" includes having our private parts molested at the airport in the name of "safety" and "terrorism". And not being able to travel with toothpaste and water bottles.I'm not entirely sure about the toothpaste thing, since I refuse to fly under the current system. But I heard a foreign woman had a water bottle confiscated. She was confused as hell because other countries let you bring water on the plane.

Aaron Clarey points out how the "American Dream" seems to be designed for a certain class of citizen who is a good cubicle wage slave:

Remember kids, home ownership and the American dream isn't for you.  It's only for older people and good little corporate cogs who did what they were told.
Whatever it used to be, it is no longer. Don't take your personal future plans from advertisers, media personalities, and parrots. Chart your own course. 
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