Saturday, November 30, 2013

Book Review: Three Years of Hate by Matt Forney

I got the idea to buy and read this book from Aaron Cleary. I actually read it several months ago but am just now getting around to writing a review.

Matt Forney used to blog at a site called "In Mala Fide" under the name "Ferdinand Barmidu". His identity was exposed so he started blogging under his own name.

"Three Years of Hate" is a "best of" collection of his blog posts at In Mala Fide. He has a book called "Trolling For A Living" that is a collection of posts from I have that one of my "to read" list but haven't gotten to it yet.

Matt Forney is an English major, and his education shows. "Three Years of Hate" is very well organized and edited in contrast to Aaron Cleary's "Top Shelf" which has no organization and all typos and edit mistakes are left intact.

The content in "Three Years of Hate" was mostly written right after Matt finished college and was fairly angry about the world and socio-sexual relations. As part of Gen Y, Matt was yet another child who was lied to about "go to college. Get any degree. There will be lots of great jobs waiting for you". In other words, yet another victim of the education bubble.

One of the posts I found most amusing was about a "sheep in wolf's clothing". Matt picked up a girl at a college party who claimed to be a slut, brought her back to his room, and found out she was lying and had no idea about anything sexual. He kicked her out.

I am indebted to Matt for giving voice to something I'd been trying to identify; the concept of "secular Calvinism". Matt also introduced me to Matt Taibbi, an awesome investigative journalist. He calls the Tea Party a gerontocracy, and shares his opinions on various other aspects of American culture and politics. Even the parts I don't entirely agree with him on are well thought out, written and expressed.

I thought it was a good read. You can buy it here.

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