Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Tea Party is a Bogeyman

I have never been affiliated with the Tea Party. When they first started, I was somewhat sympathetic to their ideas, but I knew the big government neocons would take over and steer the thing the way they wanted so I stayed away. Sure enough, neocons like Glen Beck and Sarah Palin came sailing in to use this mass of people with time to stand around a city square during work hours for their own benefits.

Since then, the Tea Party has become a convenient place to put blame or stir fear and confusion. I see leftists all the time squealing about how "The Tea Party is trying to take your rights away!" Now the Grumpy Old Peckerheads (GOP) are blaming them for election losses. They lost the governorship in Virginia because of "The Tea Party" supposedly.

 No, the GOP lost because the typical Republicrat voter doesn't want to elect another leftist. Some of us want alternatives to leftists and neocons.

As Doug Stanhope says in this video "You get to choose your leaders. What if I don't want a leader? Where does that vote go?"

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