Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Health Insurance/Care Sucks

Since our voters and politicians can't seem to differentiate between health care and health insurance, I guess I shouldn't either. But I can't help it.

It doesn't matter. Both of them suck.

Let's look at a typical case study from the HEALTH CARE industry. This happened recently.

Friend gets admitted to ER with pain. The absolute best of 21st century technology and allopathic medicine leave a doctor standing there, shrugging his shoulders and essentially saying "I dunno".

At this point, after hours of sitting in an exam room having tests run, the discharge arrives. You know what would make a lot of sense to me? When a hospital discharges you, they should just give you your first set of prescriptions there to save you time. But no, they can't. They give you a script and you have to go to a pharmacy that is not at the hospital.

The pharmacy for some reason needs a minimum of 30 minutes to count 14 pills into a bottle and slap a label on it. And they usually can't get it done within the 30 minute time frame, so you have to keep coming back until they finish. This is while the person who was in the hospital just wants to take the pills and go to bed.

What's really interesting is during the last several years with the government and feeling-centric voters (spurred on by the media and politicians) crying and whining about "health care" while forcing us to pay more for health INSURANCE, nobody from the industry has raised their voice. Why haven't any health insurance (or health CARE) executives, trade groups, think tanks, unions, or whatever spoken up? The government and media are constantly beating the drum saying they suck and can't do their job without almighty government telling them how to do it, and they're quiet. What's going on?

I've heard repeated claims that the health INSURANCE industry wrote the Obamacare (Affordable CARE Act) themselves. That could be why they're silent. It's a good deal for them. In the short term, at least.

In any case, there are so many layers of regulation that have nothing to do with health CARE in these industries, I doubt they could render customer service if they knew what it was.

Seriously, wouldn't it make so much more sense to get your first set of pills at the hospital on your way out, rather than having to sit miserably in a CVS parking lot for 40 minutes after you leave the hospital? They could bill you just the same. But no, we can't do anything that's actually good for the PATIENT. It's all about the government and the industries.

As a follow up, after weeks of tests, they figured out what my friend's pain was. My friend had surgery. Sure enough, coming home from the hospital with a post-op patient who had anesthesia wearing off, I had to drive around trying to find a CVS with the painkiller in stock. Nope, can't put a rush on it. It's going to take an hour. Assholes. I had to have my post-op friend with me the entire time because the prescription was for a narcotic and it had to go on my friend's drug plan.

As the years go by and these experiences increase, I have less and less "love" for the American health CARE and health INSURANCE industries. And of course the government. And the voters.

Enjoy the decline.
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