Monday, January 20, 2014

Divorce Corp (Trailer)

A commenter left a link to this trailer.

I've been hearing a lot about Divorce Corp lately. I'll definitely watch it when it hits Netflix or Amazon (I hate theaters).

I've seen divorce cause a lot of pain. My own was an uncontested, pro se divorce that still ran about $20,000 in fees to a divorce mediator and took months (from May to November) to complete. And some of the work was done on courtesy because I ran out of money and credit and could not pay any more. And no wonder it was so much. I have a 90 page divorce agreement written in Lawyer. Three pages of this freaking thing are about how he encouraged us to seek other counsel. With what money? Lawyers are great at spending other people's money. There were three drafts of the agreement.

A friend of mine was being chased by a creditor over a cosigned debt from my friend's marriage. For some reason, the company decided to go after my friend instead of my friend's ex, or the two together. My friend went to court. My friend's lawyer said "That's OK. Just pay it and you can sue your ex later". With what? I don't think lawyers (or doctors) live in the real world. They must assume everybody has the same lawyer and doctor friends they do and it doesn't cost a fortune to use them.

Yes, I know there are good lawyers out there. I've had the privilege of working with one, and I'm really happy with the results (and a flat fee).

I saw a friend of mine in the Navy get raked over the coals in a divorce. The judge sat on his divorce for 4 months, then backdated it. The Navy said "Oh, we've been paying you all this Allowance for Housing and extra pay for your family and you've been divorced all this time. We're going to have to take it all back." And they did. For several months, he didn't get a paycheck. He got what they called "Health and Comfort Pay", which was about $50 a month to buy soap and shaving cream. Poor guy had to sell plasma to buy smokes and gas for his car.

Then when he retired, he had remarried and had documentation that his ex wasn't taking care of his children right. He tried to sue for custody. The judge tripled his child support instead, to a level that was more than he was making. Last I heard of him, he got thrown in jail for contempt of court because he couldn't pay $2700 a month in child support.

This entire industry needs to go down.

My mind came up with a rather strange conspiracy theory on "gay marriage". I think the Divorce Industrial Complex can't wait to get its hands on the money from "gay divorce".

I said in my last post that it should be as easy to get a divorce as it is a marriage license. If we're going to have no fault divorce where any party can walk away at any time for any reason, then it should be that easy. Just download a template online and file it with the municipal clerk with a $35 fee. Bam, you're divorced. And you have money to start your new life.
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