Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Features Waze Needs

Waze is one of my favorite apps. I've used it on three different smartphone platforms. I love it. I have a windshield mount for my phone, and typically have Waze running when I'm driving.

But it has a little way to go before it reaches perfection. Here are some features it still needs.

Actually relevant/targeted ads: When I'm driving to work at 6 AM, I stop at a light, and Waze likes to serve up ads for Taco Bell and hotel chains. Seriously? If you're going to give me ads, Google owned app, please give me something I can use. And stop serving up the same ads all the time. If I had no interest in downloading an Eminem song at the last night, that hasn't changed at this one. Either make the ads work or ditch this BS.

Stop darkening when my car is at a stop: Seriously, I know I'm stuck in traffic or sitting at a light. You don't have to rub it in.

OK, I get it. Shut up: Waze is awesome for directions, but can get annoying. "In a quarter of a mile, make a left. In 500 feet, make a left. Make a left." On the highway, it all runs together. Waze needs an STFU button to make this stop.

Wide open and hauling ass: In Northern Virginia, I spend a lot of time reporting complete standstills on I-95. Every now and again it would be nice to report to other drivers that there are no obstacles. Nothing to worry about. You can run down this highway at your normal speed.

Slow asshole: Not sure if this would help most other drivers, but sometimes I'd love to report someone who should not have ever gotten a driver's license for doing 25 in a 45 and keeping me from getting where I'm going. It would probably only function as stress relief.

If Google could incorporate these features and suggestions, Waze could truly become a great app.
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