Sunday, March 30, 2014

More "Conspiracy Theory" on Malaysia Arlines

There appears to be a new theory on the Malaysia Airlines plane, which I don't yet buy. I'll do the best I can to render it accurately, but to me it seems like a bunch of datapoints that may or may not be related tied together.

Apparently, there were some engineers on the plane heading to a conference in China. These engineers were patent holders of some military technology. They worked for Freescale Seminconductor.

There are also some big name tie ins to the story, such as Lord Rothschild and the Carlyle Group.

As best as I can tell from these blog posts, (Video included)

the flight going down and the engineers dying means that those shares of patents revert to Freescale Semiconductor and Lord Rothschild.

I still don't buy it when there are plenty of reasonable explanations for the disappearance of a plane over an area of water that is several times larger than the land mass of 'murca!

Believe it or not, flights go down mysteriously all the time. You just don't hear about it because you're not into aviation, and the media is too damn busy covering Miley Circus to tell you about it. I'm not even sure why this particular flight got any media attention. It was probably a slow news day and Congress hadn't done anything stupid yet.

Often when a plane goes down over water, it can take years, if not decades, to find the wreckage and determine the cause. Here is a flight that went down mysteriously over the Mediterranean. A journalist got a call from somebody claiming it was shot down by a missile. It took them many years to figure out what caused the flight to go down, which they ultimately determined had to be a bomb. They'll never know who planted it or why:

There are too many real world conspiracies to keep me busy without manufacturing my own. If the Malaysia Airlines flight was a conspiracy for some reason, fine. We'll get the evidence eventually. But tying in a bunch of datapoints with logical fallacies, such as Questionable Cause and Appeal to Fear, is not going to help.
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