Monday, March 31, 2014

This Malaysia Airlines Stuff Is Getting Ridiculous...

As best as I can render this "report" without resorting to a lot of logical fallacies, somebody received a blank photo with some EXIF coordinates from Diego Garcia (called a "secret" base in the post) and somehow this photo is tied to an IBM employee on the flight who somehow stuffed an iPhone 5 up his ass (do these people even understand the dimensions of an iPhone 5 AND a human anus?) and used a voice assistant to text somebody while he was while blindfolded.

They can tell he was blindfolded because of a misspelling in the text. Like people need Siri to misspell a word.

So this somehow proves the Malaysia Airlines flight was hijacked by military personnel and flown to a "secret" base (it's so secretive, everybody I knew in the Navy knew about it) and the plane is in a "Faraday Cage" hanger.

Since the writer doesn't understand the dimensions of an iPhone 5 or a human anus, I'm assuming he also has no clue what a Faraday Cage is. A commenter on the article said "At least he didn't have a Samsung Galaxy Note".

When I got divorced, I brought my ex-wife's EZ-Pass back to Virginia by wrapping it in a Faraday Cage: Aluminum Foil. Since I had my own EZ-Pass, I didn't want to get charged twice at every toll. I didn't. Wrapping it in aluminum foil and throwing it in the glove compartment of my car did the trick.

The site is called "Intellihub" which you'd assume had something to do with intelligence. But I don't think it does. I could register a similar domain name, which doesn't mean I have anything to do with intelligence (and I did do Naval Intelligence for a little while in the Reserves).

I have yet to see any speculation about the Malaysia Airlines disappearance that convinces me.

UPDATE: Since I made a comment on that Intelhub post, I've been getting the Disqus digests. This post is so stupid, most people thought it was an April Fool's prank.
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