Monday, April 21, 2014

Is Comcast Needy? Or Do They Simply Suck?

I've had some memorable run-ins with Comcast in my life. Like the time my Internet went out, and a "tech" told me I lost my IP address and had to call Microsoft to get another one, then they could get me back on the Internet.

After a brief stint on Verizon DSL, I reached a happy medium with Comcast: at least they weren't as bad as Verizon.

I'm starting to wonder why it's impossible to get anything done with Comcast without at least two phone calls and two visits.

A friend of mine recently changed service to upgrade. My friend tried to upgrade service online, but of course that never works, so my friend had to call Comcast. The first person quoted one package, but for some reason, Comcast decided to update all their systems during business hours, so the customer service guy couldn't make the changes. He said he would though.

My friend called back, and sure enough, Mr. "I Promise" had done nothing. The next rep gave my friend a totally different price.

The tech showed up to install the wireless gateway. It didn't work. So another visit had to be scheduled. That one worked.

Then my friend tried to make a change to service. The Internet stopped working, which required another call to Comcast to get that fixed. Somehow the gateway lost registration. Then another call because the TV picture got jumpy.

I'm starting to wonder if Comcast just really likes to hear from customers. Surely that can't suck that bad; that every single event requires at least two tries to get right?
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