Thursday, October 02, 2014

Prepping Is Mainstream Now

First, I'm married again. She's a real sweet girl. Should have met her first. This blog now has two marriage epochs. Any reference to "my wife" prior to November 2013 refers to my Succubus ex-wife. Any reference to "my wife" after September 2014 refers to my new wife.

Yes, congratulations to me.

That said, my wife (post Sep 14) came home tonight. I mentioned an article I was reading about how the dollar could be dead in 6 months. It's a topic I follow. With almost 18 Trillion in national debt and the bailed out megabanks with insane levels of exposure to derivatives relative to their actual assets, we could easily be screwed at any moment.

Or who knows; maybe somehow this could hang on for a few more years, but math indicates a day of reckoning has to come.

Her response?

"Yeah, we were talking about preparedness at work today."

It amazes me that a topic that a few years ago would get you accused of being a "kook" or "conspiracy theorist" is suddenly on everybody's mind.

Next thing you know, the man on the street will be talking about Bitcoin and putting money into foreign currencies and in foreign banks.
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