Thursday, October 16, 2014

ROK: The Supreme Importance of Having A Den

Aaron Cleary (aka Capt. Capitalism) has a post up at Return of Kings about the importance of a man having a den or study.

He is absolutely correct.

Aaron also addressed the "man cave", a concept I believe he and I are similar in opinion to. I can't stand the concept of a man cave. I am not a primate. When people ask me if I have a man cave, I want to respond "No, because I'm not an idiot". I addressed the man cave in this post:

Whenever people ask me if I have a "man cave", I try to figure out the most polite way to say "No, because I'm not a flipping retard. Do you have a man cave? Should I talk slower? Should I just point and grunt? It's very nice of your wife to be so gracious and give you a shelf in your own house to put your football on. How kind of her."

A study is sacred, and I miss mine. In my house, I had a room upstairs that functioned as my study. I had a Cape Cod style house with a finished, dormered attic. My walls sloped down, but that was MY space. I kept my computer desk and equipment and all my books up there. I had a recliner I could sit in to read. I had a work light so I could do soldering and take computers apart or fix my children's broken toys. I miss it.

In the basement I was renting in my geo-bachelor days, I had a part set up as a study. I currently share a two bedroom apartment with my new wife and stepson, so all I have is part of a table in what shows up on the floorplan as the "dining room". But I make it work.

Like Aaron says, a study (or den) is a sacred place where a man can go to think, work, and do great things. My ideal study has dark wood (probably cherry oak) furniture, lots of bookshelves, a computer desk and a table where I can spread out books or other projects I'm working on. A nice chair to sit in while I read.

I will have it someday.
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