Thursday, December 18, 2014


Now the news is all abuzz about Cuba. The Obamessiah is restoring relations.

My thoughts on the matter: meh. Don't really care. It will probably affect my life little or not at all.

Now mass legalization of illegal aliens, $18 trillion in government debt and growing by billions a day, and the fascist health care system will affect me. Allowing megabanks to trade in risky derivatives under FDIC insurance is going to screw us all.

But I doubt Cuba will. Maybe I'll finally get to try one of those Cuban cigars I keep hearing about. Maybe we'll get a new line of Cuban Rum at the ABC store.

I was laughing at the news today. I usually ignore the news. But in the building where I was working, Fox News was on in the break room where I microwaved my lunch. First they had the Cuban Republicrat Senator on (can't be bothered to remember or look up his name because I don't care) criticizing the President. Then they had Sen Menendez (Demoncrat- New F'in Jersey) criticizing the President.

Then they had Gene Simmons in the room with 4 female Fox hosts. Gene Simmons? Is he some kind of political expert on Cuba?

That's another big reason why I ignore the news. There is no line between "expert" and celebrity anymore. What next, George Carlin's hologram commenting on Cuba?

At least it gave me three minutes of amusement while I waited for my Pasta Roni to cook.
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