Sunday, March 29, 2015

Aaron Cleary: Why Leftists Don't Start Businesses

Cleary responds to a request from his Asshole Consulting to do a video on why leftists don't start businesses. The question is one I probably asked many years ago. My paraphrase: "If leftists don't like 'Big Oil' and complain about the profits, why don't they just start Democrat Oil Inc, have no profits, and pass that along to the consumer in the form of lower prices?"

Cleary says two reasons:
1) They're too stupid
2) They're too lazy

I'd also like to point out that you can't believe anything a politician says. You have to look at their records. Democrats are just as much in bed with Wall Street and "Big Business" as Republicans are. Sure, during campaigns and newsbites, they rant about them. That's called Grandstanding. It's what politicians do. I'm pretty sure if you look at their voting records (and campaign contributions), you'll see they don't believe a damn thing they actually say.

Here's Cleary's short video:

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