Tuesday, January 19, 2016

CH: Science Shows Liberals Are Ruled By Their Feelings

CH links a recent study about the cognitive differences between liberals and conservatives. It goes to show what Michael Trust, who writes as Anonymous Conservative, said several years ago: people who tend liberal have smaller amygdalas. Or, in his words, brain damage.

In layman’s terms, liberal brains give preference to their own feelings before any externally-generated, real world hatefacts have a chance to make an impression on them. Shitlibs are literally slaves to their FEELS. They see the world through a gauze of their emotions, like a toddler might make sense of the alien adult world that swirls around him. 
Shitlibs analyze the world, and all its threats, as if refracted through a prism of their subjective feelings. Hordes of invading, antagonistic third worlders eroding civilization in White homelands? After passing through the shitlib antiWhite Feels Filter, (they can’t help themselves), this clear as day observation gets mutated into a rationale for the shitlib’s yearning need to believe all people and all races are equal in worth and compatibility with White European societies. So the shitlib sees [unassimilable orc hordes], feels [I am an antiracist GoodWhite], then thinks [White privilege prevents orc hordes from assimilating].

The amygdala is responsible for flagging threats and generating a response. Feelings, not so much.

The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics: How Conservatism and Liberalism Evolved Within Humans
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