Sunday, January 24, 2016

National Review's Death Throes

National Review is in the final throes of death, apparently dedicating an entire whiny issue to "Don't Vote for Trump!" They apparently think he's a threat to the "intellectual integrity" of the cuckservative establishment, whatever that happens to be.

I've long since had it with the cuckservative establishment. All they've ever done is sell out. The Republicrat party and supporting media/foundation establishment is effectively a franchise of the Demonican party and establishment. That or they are such, well, I can't think of a word besides pussies.

Whenever the ruling arm of the bi-factional ruling party changes, they only thing that actually does change is the rhetoric, and the whining of liberal journalists and celebrities. These people have no sense of pattern recognition. But then again, neither do the people who celebrate cuckservatives winning.

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